Destiny is laughing

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at us.


Currently ruined by Sports Anime and eSports. I can't stop watching Worlds, it's ridiculous. Hence, the two gifs on the sidebar there. Watch and Lustboy are the baes.

Go go TSM and NSW!


And if I turn around

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there'll be no light


Feel free to add me on League of Legends! I have both NA and OCE, although I play the NA a lot more. Mainly because my babies are on there.

Collect and select

BDA Project List:

Sweet Cider Room - MakoRei ✧

特別な人 - MakoHaru + HaruRin ✿

ドラ峰とオオカミン - AoKaga ☆

✧ indicates currently working on

✿ indicates currently on hold

☆ indicates finished


Show me your best set

5/ Imp and Deft fighting and being cute together~

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


Last Beverage: Coke 
Last phone call: Does Skype count? If so, eeevi and Ben. 
Last text message: “The feels QwQ” ( suosuke because feeels QWQ)
Last song you listened to: Koi wa Zenkeishisei - Perfume 
Last time you cried: Zankyou no Terror Episode 11 (it was that good okay ;w; ) 

Dated someone twice: no 
Been cheated on: nope
Kissed someone and regretted it: nope!
Lost someone special: (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) a-ahahahaaaaaa
Been depressed: yes
Been drunk and threw up: nope! 

Blue, pink, yellow :3 

Last year (2013), have you: 
Made a new friend: uhh… yeah, I guess so O3O
Fallen out of love: ( /)u( ) no, I don’t think so. 
Laughed until you cried: yes, more or less everyday 
Found out who your true friends are: hella :D
Found out someone was talking about you: yeah all the time - people always forget that other people talk to me >w>
Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: Yes (that goes for both girls and guy — well, guy anyway) 

How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: all of them with the exception of like 3-4? 
First surgery: adenoids 
First piercing: ears! 
First best friend: introvert I met in the 1st year of transferring high schools who turned out to be weirder than me (ilu bby you know that ;D) 
First sport you joined: Soccer/football, because I was a mean kicker. 
First vacation: Philippines! I was like what, 3 months old at the time? 
First pair of trainers: A longggg time ago lmaoooo 

Eating: there’s an apple pie on my desk waiting to be eaten.
Drinking: Water (I keep forgetting my peach tea) 
I’m about to: do more emails for more work but there aren’t any
Listening to: Youth by Foxes <3 
Waiting for: more emails or to be hit with more feels for 9x3

Want kids: definitely ahaha.
Get married: yeah, hopefully~ uwu 
Career: Translation would be wonderful but I actually quite like hospitality right now. 

Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or Kisses: why not both! 
Shorter or Taller: taller usually uwu <3 
Older or younger: I’ve always preferred older but I seem to attract younger! 
Romantic or Spontaneous: spontaneous, actually OwO
Nice stomach or nice arms: armmmsssssss 
Sensitive or Loud: again, why not both?
Hook-up or relationship: relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant: D: that’s hard orz u-uh, trouble maker? 


Kissed a stranger: no D:
Drank hard liquor: yes and I hated it
Lost glasses/contacts: I’ve never lost contacts ahaha 
Sex on first date: nopeeeeee
Broke someones heart: …yeah, I think so 
Been Arrested: no! 
Turned someone down: y-yes… >w>
Cried when someone died: i’ve never actually attended a funeral so I can’t say
Fallen for a friend: I think possibly, once or twice.

Yourself: Yeah! Always! 
Miracles: Definitely! 
Love at first sight: ..sometimes, I think~
Heaven: Yeah! *w* 
Santa claus: Not really but it’s a nice thought OwO
Kiss on the first date: mm, depends….
Angels: yes

I don’t really know who to tag (do I even know 25 people here) but: suosuke eeevi mistermints diadenn yestoexpress somniastate sunshine-rainfall superflea superduckss gear-head-aniki oikawa-nobi tinnyhouse weirdotaku-chan


There’s someone called Diva in my platoon and I got really excited but it wasn’t jewlyargh… someone else with the same name TwT

I just noticed this but holy snap that’s weird D: I wonder what they look like …


welcome to The Accidental Shipping Club, where our motto is “I never meant for this to happen to me”


i should really stop developing crushes on people i can’t touch

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My favorite emails are ones that let you know that your order has shipped.


Imp you troll lmao

H A P P I N E S S  B R I N G S  O U T  A  S M I L E

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the cutest lil’ imp